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Frequently Asked Questions

About the product

After a free consultation and company profile review, you’ll be paired with an in-house expert who will develop a PR package with you.

We develop a PR Package through 6 steps:

Create a compelling narrative together. We do our research, generate some ideas, then jump on a 20-minute phone call with you to find an angle.

Match with journalists most likely to pick up your story. Your primary matches (minimum of 2) are on us. You have the option to pitch to secondary matches of your choice through a package top-up ($100/publication).

Tailor the content even further. We’ll send you follow-up questions your matched journalists would want to ask, so they have every reason to cover your startup.

Assemble press releases using your content and multimedia collaterals.

Approve the PR package before it’s pitched.

Pitch to journalists. We’ll take care of follow-ups for you.

Apart from pitching your PR package to reporters, our PR experts are constantly monitoring the media for other opportunities for you to be in the press. We are always available to workshop PR ideas with you—just shoot us an email and we’ll set up a chat.

Ideations are opportunities for you and your startup to get media coverage, be they events you can comment on or industry pieces you could be interviewed for. We feed you these kinds of leads to maintain your constant media presence (2 for Ninja Size, 6 for Sumo Size).

Traditional PR strategy is a vicious cycle of coming up with press releases, gaining short-lived media coverage, then rushing to the next announcement.

In contrast, a long-term PR strategy is all about developing your reputation as a thought leader. By developing relationships with the right journalists early on, you can establish your startup as a sought-after industry authority that gets regular coverage.

Startups typically have one “newsworthy” update every 6 months. Journalists tend not to cover the same startup twice in this period, unless the startup offers thought leadership or comment.

While the time between initial pitch to published article is usually 1 to 3 weeks, we have seen it take as long as 6 months. We recommend that you start developing your PR Package 4 to 5 weeks before your ideal coverage date.

Additional PR packages are available for a discounted rate of $600 per package.

Yes! We also offer photography ($150/hour of shooting the team or product) and media kit development ($500/document—founders’ bio, company bio, or fact sheet)

If you are not satisfied with our work or services, we'll provide a full refund. There’s no financial risk in signing up for SumoStory.

We make data science work for us through assisted press scraping, matching, and lead generation—at a fraction of the usual time and cost.

About the process

No, we take care of content generation for you.

Based on journalists’ writing history, publications, and interests, we produce a list of primary and secondary matches fit for your startup.

If we’ve taken you on, we guarantee at least 2 primary matches. We pitch to all your primary matches for free (applies to both Ninja Size and Sumo Size). If a secondary match catches your eye, we’ll pitch you to them, too (top-up of $100/pitch)

We’ll pitch to all of your primary matches, and you can choose to send it to a secondary match through a top-up ($100/pitch). We guarantee at least 2 primary matches.

Our roster of partner publications is constantly expanding—for the most updated version, please see our publications page

We can’t guarantee you media coverage. There’s no such thing as a surefire press release—even the best ones fall victim to the subjectivity of journalists, wrong timing or just bad luck.

What we can guarantee is an affordable and transparent PR experience. Our PR experts, assisted by our journalist-matching solutions, will provide targeted advice, develop media-ready press releases, and find spaces for you to tell your story. We’ll provide you with timely updates, whether good or bad, and together we’ll plan our next move.

At the end of the day, PR is a continuous process—there’s always a new product, a new round of funding, a new trend in the industry. To maintain media presence, a startup must continuously think about PR, and we’re here to do that with you. That’s why as early as our first phone call, we establish a long-term PR strategy together.

We’re using automation to streamline the PR process, not replace it. Real live humans—our PR experts—are the ones who ideate, craft pitches, and analyze feedback from journalists.

About PR

Do it yourself

  • Cost: Free
  • Labour: A full day’s worth of man-hours. Time required to develop angle, write, research, edit, pitch
  • Network: Spray and Pray, chance of hurting first impression with journalist

SumoStory (Ninja Size)

  • Cost: $1800/6 months (~300/month)
  • Labour: 20 minute phone call + 2 follow-up emails
  • Network: Targeted at publications, algorithmically matched

Traditional PR Agency

  • Cost: >$5000/ 1 month
  • Labour: Back and forth with PR agency
  • Network: Targeted at limited network
  • Gain credibility/ awareness
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Create hype with stakeholders/potential hires or investors
  • Improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Drive traffic, leads, downloads, signups
  • Facilitate sales conversions
  • Boost yours and your staff morale

With Google Adwords, big companies can easily outspend startups. PR is a channel where startups can compete with big companies because it’s not necessarily how much money you spend, but how effectively you harness the press.

PR hits two major influence factors, social proof and authority. The goal of PR is for you and your brand to own a space, to be the authority in an industry and make you the go-to for comment and direction. Big companies are slower or more careful with press, which gives startups an opportunity to own their space.